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DNA Upgrade & Human Evolution

The nature of all living and non living existence is change. Whether through evolution or erosion we are experiencing change, however it may not always be in the most efficient fashion.

Nature has an intelligent formula known as the fibonnaci sequence. It appears in the smallest and largest objects in nature. It is a way for information to flow in a very efficient manner. The fibonacci is a recursive sequence of patterns.

You can see this design in the galaxies in space as well as the cell division in biology.

Human nature is formulated based on these repeating sequence of patterns unless manipulated to undergo a different repetition. Our genetic codes are a series of information inherited from the experiences of our past generations. The good, the bad and the ugly are all handed down as manual for the life we experience today.

DNA Upgrading is a way to release the patterning that lead to a more disruptive experience of life.

The purpose of my programs is to provide you with the possibility to rewrite the sequencing of your genetics so you can enjoy the gifts and wisdom of your family lineage. 






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The DNA stores deep within the cells the emotional experiences of our family lineage.

DNA Upgrade Programs

The programs can be accessed in 3 different ways.


Group, Private and VIP format to provide you the comfort and pace you choose to move forth.

Group: In this format you enjoy the benefits in a group setting.  You simply listen to my live guided quantum technology into a deep state where I scan the group and perform accordingly. The audio frequency healing program take place 4 time a year, every season. Learn more..


Private: In this format you enjoy the benefits in a private setting. You simply listen to my live guided quantum technology into a deep state where I scan you and provide you with the reading personally. The program includes a nutritional detoxification protocol to help you release at a cellular level the genetic makeup of the distortions.

The audio healing program can be taken anytime around the year.  Learn more..

VIP: In this format you enjoy the benefits through meeting me in person as well as audio. I provide you with an in-depth consultation. I provide you with a cellular detoxification guidances well as traditional medicine to help you release even deeper. Learn more..

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Upgrade Your DNA Frequency to Transform Your Life.

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