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Detox Process

What does detox process mean and what should you expect?


Just as the human body goes through its daily detoxification to release general waste from life processes and general environmental exposure, so too does healing and awakening require a process of “detoxification.”

If you understand detox process well, as you move through , it will be much easier because you would remain aware at a higher level and not identify yourself.  Investing in ourselves is more than the cost of a product.


The detox process varies for every individual as they have different filters active but the overall experience of detox will be intense. Detox is the process of change and as we commonly understand change maybe challenging for some and not for others.


As you surrender your will to your highest self,  these changes will eventually pass by and your level of awareness about yourself and life as you know it will expand, you come out stronger and wiser, greater opportunities and possibilities in life will present themselves to you.

The detox process...

  • You may have old memories rising, random or old images showing in your mind's eye,  visions and or childhood memories rising and some people experience strange dreams (dreams are old realities stored and once we tap into your cellular memories, they may rise up to be dissolved)

  • You may go through changes in your emotions and maybe experience anger, loneliness, sadness, depression and others

  • You may experience hyper sensitivity to everything and everyone around you

  • Little sounds around you, people's voices may be disturbing to you or triggering you

  • People may randomly create trouble with you or may simply leave your life (this is because the level of your frequency is shifting so people in your life with different frequency ranges, old friends, jobs, and other situations that used to attract you, may not anymore)

  • You may feel extremely agitated, fatigued and or emotional. ( I recommend you to give yourself much alone time & space to let your body recalibrate itself to the newer frequencies.)

  • You may simply feel disoriented, confused and spacey 

  • Some people experience headaches, nausea, random flu like symptoms or throat ache, body pain. Sometimes old injury pains resurface, only to release the underlying misalignments so your body can heal correctly and harmoniously.

  • You may desire to change your environment or simply change the 'regular' locations you visit or spend time in.

  • You may continuously feel a sense of loss and nothingness. This is because you are actually losing what you don't need anymore for your evolution.

  • Some people experience changes in their metabolism and may experience symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation or any other signs to let you know that the rhythm in which your digestive system worked in are now changing to match with nature's rhythms.

  • General fear - this is because you are being introduced to new and unknown territories at a cellular level.

It is normal to feel fearful or strange after reading the above as no one likes to feel in anyway like the above. I wish to let you know that detox signs allow you to know that you are on the right track and  are transforming.


Detox is different for every individual,  it may be rapid and easy for some and not for others. Life and general things may get worse before they get better. The process may take you through different stages of physical, mental, emotional and financial cleansing, in which you may experience time of loss, sickness, despair.


Detox is to be celebrated as a marker that you are stepping into your Limitless!

This process will open you up to completely newer levels of abundance and prosperity on every level including health, love, relationships and finances. This means life will continue and if you internally and externally choose to walk your highest path life will support you on every level to reach your soul's true freedom.

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