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About Mandana

About Mandana

Mandana Dabiri is an expert in human transformation. Using ancient and modern tools of natural healing she has helped more than 100’s of individuals transform their life physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. Her unique approach to an ultimate health has helped people understand that there is more to life than just the physical approach to a happy life.

A decade ago she renunciated her successful business life to seek  further understanding from the out of body experience she had whilst on a juice fast after a yoga class. 


 She travelled around the world to meet with extra ordinary gifted men to expand her consciousness.

Although Mandana was born with a strong intuitive ability to feel her surroundings on a deeper level more precise than others, her spiritual studies and experiences around the world enhanced her healing abilities. 

Being raised in a family with a medical background, she had a deep passion for understanding the human body.

However she had a deep desire to know the right timing to eat her meals to have a good health as she repeatedly caught the regular flu and this was frustrating for her.

She later came to realise that humans need to be in harmony with nature and it's cycles to benefit the most of the experience of life. 



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Today Mandana provides her clients the true healing that addresses the root cause, being out of alignment with nature.

Her many gifts allow her to sense the problematic areas. Whether in person or over an audio session her abilities allow her to tap into the sub-atomic and quantum levels of the energy field of her clients. 

She then is able to sense, see and read the information stored within the quantum level (DNA) allowing her to manipulate the energy to bring harmony. 


Her abilities work beyond space and time because of the nature of energy itself.

Areas of possible transformation as a result of upgrading your DNA with Mandana:

Physical, Mental, & Emotional Health • Relationships • Love • Business • Success • Intuition • and More


Our DNA is constantly modifying itself to the environment. Our future depends on the choices we make today.


What People are saying about Mandana.

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Working with Mandana was absolutely amazing! During the session the energy field she created was both powerful and palpable. The energy inside of this, during our session was far greater than ourselves. Towards the end I actually felt my DNA activating. It was like a swirl of light traveling down my spine in the shape of a double helix. Afterwards I felt a shift in the way I delivered energy to my own clients.


To work with Mandana subtly shifted the healing frequencies I could deliver to my own clients. I completely recommend working with her. She is magic. 

Dr. Michael Lande

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