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Upgrade Your DNA

for a better life

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Hello, my name is Mandana Dabiri and I have spent the last decade of my life understanding human consciousness & transformation through yogas and food as medicine.

The last few years led me to dive deep into the quantum worlds to heal after a severe injury that rewarded me with what I offer you today.

DNA 'Upgrade' is a result of the unfoldment of the spiritual gifts from my own journey of healing and expanding.


Areas where you benefit with my gifts:

- Awaken your body’s natural healing mechanism

Transform your physical appearance

- Increase your energy levels

- Boost your creativity & momentum

- Deepen your relaxation & sleep

- Find out who you really are & your purpose here



Our human body has an intelligent natural mechanism to heal itself.

We just need to provide it with the right foods and environments to activate it.


Mandana Dabiri

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Working with Mandana was absolutely amazing! During the session the energy field she created was both powerful and palpable. The energy inside of this, during our session was far greater than ourselves. Towards the end I actually felt my DNA activating. It was like a swirl of light traveling down my spine in the shape of a double helix. Afterwards I felt a shift in the way I delivered energy to my own clients.


To work with Mandana subtly shifted the healing frequencies I could deliver to my own clients. I completely recommend working with her. She is magic. 

Dr. Michael Lande

What People are saying about Mandana.

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